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Byiome Muir, better known by his stage name I-Octane, is a Jamaican reggae dancehall recording artist from Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. He is known for integrating positive and socially conscious subject matter into his music, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and Rastafarian teachings.


I-Octane - Moods
Love & Life
I-Octane - Love & Life
Roll It
I-Octane - Roll It
Long Division
I-Octane - Long Division
I Will Survive
I-Octane - I Will Survive
Dont Stop Di Vibes
I-Octane - Dont Stop Di Vibes
On Fleek Riddim
I-Octane - On Fleek Riddim
My Life
I-Octane - My Life
My Journey
I-Octane - My Journey
Love You Like I Do
I-Octane - Love You Like I Do
Rising to the To
I-Octane - Rising to the To
Gal a Gimmi Bun
I-Octane - Gal a Gimmi Bun
Sad Days Again
I-Octane - Sad Days Again
Badmind Dem a Pree
I-Octane - Badmind Dem a Pree
More Money
I-Octane - More Money
Jiggle fi Me
I-Octane - Jiggle fi Me
Love Di Vibes
I-Octane - Love Di Vibes
Crying to the Nation
I-Octane - Crying to the Nation
Walk with Jah Jah
I-Octane - Walk with Jah Jah
Straight from the Heart
I-Octane - Straight from the Heart
Nah Wash
I-Octane - Nah Wash
Mine Who You Dis
I-Octane - Mine Who You Dis
Lose a Friend
I-Octane - Lose a Friend
Hurt Mi
I-Octane - Hurt Mi
Gold Rush Riddim
I-Octane - Gold Rush Riddim
Different Page
I-Octane - Different Page



I-Octane - Bagga Money


I-Octane - Stop


I-Octane - Top Boy


I-Octane - Diamond

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